New Home and Office Construction

A Big House Under Construction — Home Construction in Bayville, NJ
Roman Construction is fully licensed and insured for brand new construction in the state of New Jersey. We are always focused on our building quality and design, but we also depend on building relationships to keep our reputation in the Central Jersey community. Our residential and commercial construction projects are keys to strengthening our community and surrounding areas.

Custom Residential

Our residential work will range from condos, apartments, multifamily, and free-standing homes. You can expect our unique designs and construction quality will be what you want out of a place to call home.

Custom Commercial

When it comes to commercial construction, we specialize in condos, apartments, townhouses and office buildings.
White Big House — Home Construction in Bayville, NJ

On the Site Integrity

Something that we pride ourselves on as a company is our reputation for having honesty and integrity not just before the job, but on-site as well. Providing the best construction experience as possible is important to us, and maintaining respect for our clients and the job site is key to the goals of our company. Being on-time and cost-efficient while using quality materials is something you can expect from us for every job we do.
House with Trees Behind — Home Construction in Bayville, NJ

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